About Wireless Evolutions

Wireless Evolutions is a Texas based company focused on moving people towards the freedom of Wireless Internet (WiFi). Over the last 10 years Wi-Fi has changed the way people communicate. Cable and internet operators are preparing to launch a new cell phone service that relies exclusively on WiFi. These extremely wide spread networks let people make calls and access the web from almost anywhere in the US. A switch from cellular to WiFi networks will have a huge impact on both the cost and quality of wireless service in the future.

Our company installs the Wireless LAN hardware that makes all of this possible. And because WiFi allows cheaper deployment of local area networks (LANs), we have been able to offer our clients additional WiFi based products such as security cameras, audio and video systems. The installation process however is only part of a successful network, so we also offer end-to-end support, including a full range of security options.