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Cavile Place Apartment Complex Legends at Lake Highlands (LCP)
Kessler Park (LCP) Enclave at Prestonwood (LCP)
Stoneleigh at Spring Creek (LCP)

Cavile Place Apartment Complex

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The purpose of the wireless network at Cavile Place is to provide IP video transport between security cameras and a centrally located video server. The security cameras are distributed throughout the apartment complex and the video server is installed in the complex MDF, which is located in the back of the resident office building. The security camera network is comprised of Firetide wireless mesh units (4), Firetide wireless APs (2), Engenius wireless bridges (11), IQInvision cameras (2) Arecont IP video cameras (26), Sony analog cameras (2) and a Video Insight IP video server (1).

Four (4) Firetide wireless mesh units distribute approximately 45 Mbps of bandwidth from the MDF to the security camera network. Two of the mesh units are installed on the roof of the office building and two units are installed on light poles within the property. Each pair of units creates a separate 5GHz mesh channel to transport security camera traffic. The two light poles with mesh units also have a Firetide AP installed. The Firetide APs connect to their co-located Firetide mesh units via Ethernet. These same poles have multiple IQInvision and Arecont IP video cameras installed which are connected to their respective APs via Ethernet. On other poles within the complex, there are 2 or more cameras and at least 1 Engenius wireless bridge installed. The Engenius wireless bridges attach to the wireless network through the FireTide APs. This is necessary becasue the Arecont IP surveillance cameras do not have wireless radios. Instead, they connect to the Engenius bridges via Ethernet. Where more than 2 cameras are installed, a 5-port Ethernet switch is used to connect the cameras to the Engenius bridge. Two of the cameras are High-Definition IQInvision cameras, which allows for greater resolution in strategic locations.

Kessler Park (Lincoln Property Company)

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Wireless Evolutions recently added ~25 Security Cameras, Access Control Systems and a complete Audi/Video System to a new LPC property - The View at Kessler Park in Dallas, TX. A variety of cameras were used encompassing security coverage at all entry/exit areas, parking lots, elevators and pool area.

Stoneleigh at Spring Creek (Lincoln Property Company)

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Wireless Evolutions Installed 6 HD Cameras covering the Pool, Gym, and Leasing Office areas at the Stoneleigh at Spring Creek in Garland, TX.

Legends at Lake Highlands (Lincoln Property Company)

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Wireless Evolutions installed 10 Cameras at the Legends at Lake Highlands property in Dallas TX. This was an installation where running cables to each camera would have been cost prohibitive, so we offered a solutions using a WiFi network. The cameras were installed over a wide area covering the Leasing Office and all entry/exit areas to the property. Ruckus APs and Gateways were placed strategically on the exterior walls and rooftops and networked back to the Ruckus ZoneDirector at the Leasing Office

Enclave at Prestonwood (Lincoln Property Company)

Wireless Evolutions installed a total of 10 Cameras around two separate Pool and Clubhouse areas, as well as a Fitness Center at the Enclave at Prestonwood Property in Dallas TX.